Johnson County Consolidated Fire District No. 2 is currently under the process of becoming an accredited agency through a process administered by the Center for Public Safety Excellence’s Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI).

 What is Accreditation?

The accreditation program is a well-defined, internationally recognized benchmark system that measures the quality of fire and emergency services.  It utilizes a comprehensive self-assessment and evaluation model that enables organizations to examine past, current, and future service levels and internal performance and compare them to industry best practices, leading to improved service delivery.  During the self-assessment process, organizations create a Strategic Plan, Standard of Cover and Self-Assessment Manual, described below.

Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a living management tool that:

  • Provides short-term direction
  • Builds a shared vision
  • Sets goals and objectives
  • Optimizes use of resources

Strategic Plans are developed to help provide for the delivery of high quality products and services to the public through better, more efficient, and less expensive programs.

View the CFD2 Strategic Plan Document

Standard of Cover

The Standard of Cover is an extremely detailed document used to evaluate the current service needs and current effectiveness of an organization for deployment of resources.  This document will assist in determining the most effective and efficient way to provide service as well as future service needs and resource deployment.  This analysis includes but is not limited to: risk analysis, historical incident, fire loss, target hazard, and life hazards to constituents.

View the CFD2 Standard of Cover document.

Self-Assessment Manual

The Self-Assessment Manual is a tool to evaluate current operations of fire and emergency organizations and compare their performance to the industries best practices.

For more information on any of the accreditation criteria or the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) go to


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