Summary of Benefits

Group Health, Dental and Vision Insurance:  The District offers group health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield, for which it pays 95% of the total cost for single coverage, 90% for Employee +1, and 85% for family.  The District pays 50% of the cost for dental insurance.  Vision insurance is also available through the District at a very low cost to the employee.

Life Insurance Policy:  The District provides a $20,000 life insurance policy to each employee.

Optional Accident, Cancer, and Disability Insurance are available through the District to employees who elect to participate.  The District does not contribute to these premium payments.

Flexible Spending Account – Health Care and Dependant Care:  Employees have an option to participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through the District which enables them to pay for qualified expenses with pre-tax dollars.

KPERS 457 Deferred Compensation Plan:  All employees have the option to invest money in a 457 deferred compensation plan through payroll deduction.

Retirement Benefit:  As of their first day of employment CFD2 employees are covered by the KANSAS PUBLIC EMPLOYEE’S RETIREMENT SYSTEM (KPERS).

Holiday Pay:  CFD2 has 10 designated holidays plus 1 floating holiday per year.  Staff personnel make take these designated holidays or bank the holiday to be used at another time during the year.  Fire Protection Employees that work a designated holiday receive regular pay plus a holiday allowance of 1/10 of monthly base salary.  Fire Protection employees that do NOT work a designated holiday accrue 12 hours of PTO which can be used at another time during the year.

Vacation:  Vacation time is awarded based on the number of years of service completed and ranges from 5 shifts for an employee with one year of service to 15 shifts after 30 years of service.  During the first year of employment, a firefighter is awarded 10 hours of vacation per month times the number of months remaining in the calendar year.

Sick Leave:  After 90 days of employment employees are eligible for sick leave benefits.  Fire protection employees accrue sick leave at the rate of 16 hours per month and staff and regular full-time employees accrue sick leave at the rate of 12 hours per month.

Wellness Incentive:  Employees can earn time off work by participating in established wellness assessments and engaging in regular physical fitness.  This program is optional and earned time off is based on an employee’s level of performance on fitness tests and assessments throughout the year.

College Incentive:  The District will reimburse an employee for 100% of tuition and books for college courses that meet the criteria as outlined in the Employee Guidebook.  Prior authorization must be obtained and certain grade requirements must be met.

Uniforms:  The District supplies required uniforms to employees.   Employees also receive a declining balance credit card that can be used to purchase work boots and/or work-out shoes and can be used for shoe repairs.  The card is issued with a $200 balance and is renewed every two years.

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