Permit and Plan Review

Permit and Plan Review Process – effective as of October 1, 2017

CFD2 Plan Review/Inspection Application Process

One set of complete plans and the completed application are to be submitted to the Administrative Office.  Plans will be reviewed based upon the fire code that is adopted in the city in which the work is being performed. Please allow approximately one week for the review process to be completed. The plans will be returned when permit is issued.  Applications can be obtained at our Administrative Offices or downloaded HERE

The Administrative Office is located at 3921 W. 63rd St. Prairie Village, KS.  Office hours: M-F, 7 am – 4 pm.

Work requiring a permit

Any work involving new building construction, tenant finishes, installation of new or modification of existing fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems and/or commercial cooking suppression systems requires the issuance of a permit.

Fee Schedule

Fees are due when permit is issued and may be paid by check or credit card.   Credit card payments will include an additional 4% service fee.

  • Permit /Plan Review fee – $100.00 + $0.05/sq. ft. over 5000 square feet
  • Installation or modification to a fire alarm system – $25.00 per floor
  • Installation or modification to a fire sprinkler system – $25.00 per floor
  • Installation or modification to a commercial kitchen fire suppression system – $50.00 each

Beginning construction or modifying fire protection systems without a permit will result in penalties up to $500.00 in addition to the applicable permit fees.

Pre-construction meetings

Preconstruction meetings will often be requested by the Fire District as part of the plan review process. Meetings will be held at 3921 W 63rd. Prairie Village, KS and should last between 30 minutes to 1 hour.


CFD2 personnel will conduct all appropriate inspections. The inspections performed are based upon the occupancy type and/or the applicable NFPA standard(s). Please allow 48 hours advance notice when scheduling inspections. All fire protection systems must be pre-tested by the installing contractor prior to scheduling inspections.

As-Built Drawing Requirements

One set of electronic As-Built drawings will need to be submitted to the CFD2 Administrative Office at the completion of construction.

For questions regarding this process contact our Administrative Office at 913-432-1105 or email us at

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