CFD2 Critical Information Program

Help us to Better Serve You. 

Our Critical Information Program provides residents within the fire district the opportunity to provide information to our emergency responders that could be critical in the event of an emergency.  As a result our emergency responders will be better prepared and able to provide the best service possible.  In regards to emergency response, critical information might include information regarding access to the building, a person’s medical needs or equipment, mobility limitations, communication issues, or safety hazards.  Although we know our pets are like family, this program’s form is not intended for pet related information.

The information provided through this program will only be used by CFD2 emergency responders to improve their ability to meet the needs of the customer.  Each year CFD2 will contact those who provide critical informaton to help ensure the information is current and accurate.  In turn, we ask that individuals participating in this program contact CFD2 if any of the information they have provided to us should change.

If you live in the CFD2 fire district and have Critical Information you would like to provide to us, please complete the following form and submit.

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